Monday, 22 June 2009


Got my result its a 2:1


Monday, 1 June 2009

SPECIAL MOVE!!!----work overload finisher!!

well here it is the moment no-one was waiting for! the end of university life completely and the possibility of taking a good long rest!!

anyway this is a small taster of the finalised model that will be in the show, and the accompanying tesxts are my artists statement and evaluation, so enjoy that.






Friday, 29 May 2009

Hello readers! here are some pre Z brush colour tests just for a bit of fun and to better show off his clothes! obviously this is not a texture just a basic colour mask sooooo you'll have to put up with the monotone for now, still easier to see than in blue!!

Industry news now! I'm now working on a project in a level design capacity and I am being put on the path towards becoming a game designer!!

didn't get the job though, but hey I get the training for it and get to do level design in the mean time whilst learning the engine!

Anyway thats the latest, night all!









Sunday, 24 May 2009

Leveled up?

Hello Blog readers! I finally posted the pictures of the PC I built! quite the beast as compared to my old machine! It has a GTX260, 2 gig ram and a Quad core 2.2 gig, plus its not running vista! I had to slipstream service pack 2 into it and reburn the boot disk just to get it to see my motherboard, suffice to say that took a while!! There is nothing more motivating in finding a problem than watching £600 worth of hand built equipment telling you its switching itself off to prevent damage!

Well nevertheless its fixed now and sports a vast range of 3d programs so now I have no excuse 
not to model. All I need now is Windows 7 and about 6 more gigs of ram and I'll be a happy bunny! well once I dig myself out of the financial abyss I might treat myself to a new motherboard that can take more than one GTX260 and get some seeeeeeeeeeerious RAM on the go, go the whole hog RAID it up watercooling system that sort of thing, lolz I doubt it will even be worth upgrading by the time I have enough money to upgrade it!

well enough of the random geeking and onto my latest snippet of industry news,

I did my first bit of level design at work! it was awesome, not only that but I get to be in the project development meetings and catchups. Hopefully this is the start of my game design career!

next thing you know the BOSS ip will be bought for squillions and I won't even need a pc I can just sit in a jacuzzi full of champagne moaning about how many women are throwing themselves at my feet. 

see picture 2 for my masterful wiring job. fzzzzt fzzzzzzzzzzzt kpow!!! >>(+_+)