Thursday, 23 October 2008


Well in case you wondered what a bushroom is, here is a picture, lol cmon I know its been wet recently but thats just ridiculous!

Strangely this photo might be in the local paper?? weird but I was on a bus, not the one with the bushroom but the regular going home bus, and it broke down, well more correctly it ran out of diesel, actually ran out!! FAIL

So long story short got chatting with the stranded commuters and one of them, was asking lots of questions, my spidey sense already told me she was a journalist, her actually telling me she was a journalist was also a giveaway,
said about the bus company making improvements since there was mushroom spotted on the bus, "mushroom?" I said "you mean like this one?" I skillfully added showing her the photo, "lol" she said

So after exchanging details with the promise of showing my photo if its a slow news day, we went our separate ways.

Today the office seating plan got moved around, which mostly involved me watching people struggling around under vast spiky mounds of action figures, and some much needed dusting, plus the weird way that everyone seemed to end up with an extra keyboard and random cables.

anyway aside from that I tried to get everyone to unify where they keep walls, with very limited success, lol.. I will make a directory and bring order to the chaos, well the file structure is getting very random, and badly spelt lol. One town name was spelt at least four different ways!

But on a good note the rework of an old area that I am working on is going well, I'm remaking a city at the mo, for what we have to work with it's looking pretty damn good.

Aside from that I am researching flying machines and warplanes trying to get some good context for them, and get the more innovative ideas and amalgamate them into the project work, found some absolutely sweet images off the Japanese blog/forum VIPPER

Check it out...
these are some of the hundreds of images I have gleaned so far,

Anyway I have done and handed in the learning agreement game treatment combo, I'll post them shortly

Thursday Out

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