Sunday, 26 October 2008

You maveric renegade you...

lol and rofl, got my Pdr review results at work on Friday, I got 98%! Woot and double woot. Although the feedback was all good, 20% of my target for quarter 4 is to be less of a maverick, Yay

moral of the story... don't fight the man, the man wins, be good, make friends with the man maybe even buy the man a drink cos if you don't respect the man, he fires you... that leads to no pay, no money for bills, no food, no references and nowhere to go, it also leads to fear, fear leads to anger and we all know where anger leads!!

Anyway that's completely off topic,

Been trying to improve my blog to make it more fun, I got a game, a quiz and will update the video bar to be more current, so please enjoy!!

So was that, but I gotta press on and tell you all about the latest (BOSS) project news.

Been doing some contextual research and am looking at linking the project in more with my dissertation, I am looking at conventions in games, and there are some pretty big ones, ever stayed in an inn in an RPG, thought so, ever rested to regain health?? Yup I bet you did, here's another one.. ever ducked in an FPS and miraculously recovered from being repeatedly shot, I bet you have, oh and don't forget how a whole clip of assault rifle won't kill your buddy in Halo but lightly tap him with your elbow and he flies through the air ragdolling like.. well a ragdoll. there are so many, press stick in to ...... if you said crouch or stealth, well you'd be right.

then there are uber conventions, so blatant that it is almost difficult to see them, such as ever played as a girl in an fps, oh you think so... really? Sure you weren't in third person, really still sure, thinking of killer 7?? it is completely convention defying and plays in first/third player anyway so forget it, leave me a comment if you do find one I am genuinely interested in being proved wrong!!

Other massive conventions, Exp? who came up with that one, hit points attack, defence and agility, absolute genius!! they are probably the best ways to regulate lifespan and playtime, having stats gives a vast added element to gameplay, but also games without stats are good too, Ico for example was gorgeous, no hud no info, just good artwork and mind bending and satisfying puzzles.

Saying all that I love exp and stats and trying to get to level 99, someone at work said they hated JRPG and that all characters were the same and it wasn't original and every game played the same way, all I can say about that is total NOOB! NOOOOOOOOOOOB! noob! newest of the new!, one who knows nothing, your words are borne of ignorance and you deserve to be critted in the face and receive every negative status effect ever in every game!

Although being a noob he does make a fair point, superficially a lot of JRPGs have similarities in play style or artwork, the fact someone doesn't like them I find repulsive the fact that he can't see any artistic merit within the genre is just blindness, Its like saying that all horror films are unoriginal because they are part of the same genre, or that all action films have the same plot or that all American games feature violence, well that one is pretty true.

Part of the thing that most westerners will never understand is that games are about fantasy, the ability to live in a dream world, do things that you could never do in real life, that is why the pursuit of ultra reality looks pathetic, and Anglo,American characters are so ugly e.g

Dom and Cloud, who's a pretty boy then?
lol well you get my point I hope, so in conclusion, each to his own all opinions are valid except ill informed opinions,

Just to say that Gears was one of my favorite games, FF12 was amazing despite the flack it gets and Tales Of Symphonia was beautiful and amazing, there are not enough 2+ players RPGs Eternal Sonata being another one of note.

So conventions abound in every genre and sometimes they are what makes a genre a genre, I mean no-one would accept film noir without high contrast lighting, no-one would watch a comedy that is not very funny.

So in an as an FPS console game Right trigger will shoot, pads have triggers as this is their convention, new and original designs have been tried but the combinations of buttons and directional functions remains the most common incarnation,

In any industry only the ones with a history of innovation like Nintendo or with nothing to lose, do anything different,

well soon I will put up my photoshopping but that is still very much WIP

Sunday Out!

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