Monday, 3 November 2008


Well I have been busy, lost my phone on Friday, by lost I mean no one in England ever hands these things in they just rip out your sim throw it on the floor and congratulate their tiny minds on such a lucky day, if they are slightly smarter they might even check your phone for bank details etc,

God I hate the attitude of people in this country, so selfish, but as usual I digress,

I was busy this week very busy... making rocks... lol, its not like I mind making rocks I mean I did study geology at one stage, the thing that got me down was the rocks I copied to make my walls well, lets just say that the design got more elaborate after I had already made quite a few, making the piece I copied a poor example of the style, I was racing to keep up all week, the more I made the more the style changed from the original piece, this led to a full days worth of work being redone and it still didn't stand up to scrutiny, and the worst thing is even the concept guy can tell you you are doing it wrong, lol with so many people who can tell you to change it and so wildly differing opinions its always so pleasant if someone says nice one and approves your work!!

Anyway BOSS goes well, much research has been done into allowing players to create their own missions and post them to their underlings, each mission would play like a mission from a standard FPS, think of the Rainbow series or Metal gear, in that their would be a voice over provided by the player setting the mission, they would be seen striding around the briefing room and get to edit recon footage together draw highlights on points of interest and set juicy rewards for success, missions would be only available to the most appropriate class of player, so recon missions would be available to scout units only, search and destroy would be for more general infantry, retrieval and rescue for special ops and elite units, the harder the mission the better the reward as a general would only set it if it needed doing, all missions would be available for a duration set by the player awarding them, in missions of extreme sensitivity the general might even want to brief the commanding officer or operative in person. They could then speak to them with VOIP, of course this means they could be overheard,

More on systems in the game doc, as its late and I'm busy I'll leave you with a WIP image from my dodgy sketches, this one is about an 8th of the way to completion, but makes a good test for general looks, Its a marine EVA suit, for ship to ship boarding actions, it would allow a player to traverse the hull of an enemy ship or tear through bulkheads, If one of these guys gets on your ship it will be a messy fight.

So more on him when he looks slightly more decent but it gives you a slightly better idea than the sketch

With that good night,

Sunday out!

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