Monday, 10 November 2008

Dividing lines

Firstly let me just say it has been rather a long time since my last post and for that I am sorry, (bows graciously)

Now on with the wootables, today work went well, many an edge beveled, many a vertex was merged any plenty of undoes were re-done!!

Well I had fun, no free fruit today tho, (;.;)


Anyway as for BOSS news, the idea is fast crystallising into final concepts and the principles governing the creation of the flavour and feel of the game are being refined with style guides under construction for both the colonial and imperial factions,

Each faction now has a distinct set of guiding principles,

the rough guide is

Colonial= 1940s russia
Autocracy=2000s america

this has nothing at all to do with the art style, though and I hesitated to describe it as such as the two things have deep stylistic connotations that I will seek to avoid, the distintion should be in the attitudes and play style and the sense of community that each one will foster for the players, by 1940s russia I dont mean that colonial players are going to be forced to die in their thousands against vastly superior foes, merely that they will have a rough and ready attitude with rte-use reffiting and repair instead of the Autocratic single use components and incredibly short shelf lives,

This will translate into a colonial ship being able to take massive damage and laugh it off, huge parts of it could be ablaze the engine could be full of holes and the crew flying using the holes in the hull as windows!

Whereas an Autocrat ship would be skimmed by countless shells the armour would hold true, it would sleekly dodge through blockades and use complex laser targeting systems to eliminate missiles before they detonate, however when the hull is breached the damage would be horrific and irreparable, as incredibly tightly packed components running at maximum tolerance would cause all sorts of problems,

Upshot would be the teams would be balanced but have vastly different play styles, this would add to the sense of enjoyment of the respective communities as the Autocrats can feel elite and the colonials can feel unbreakable!

so that's how things are shaping up, did you see the Colonial carrier

And on another note, I'm of to Tokyo in 5 weeks woot woot!!

Have fun I'll be on laters,

Monday Out!

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