Thursday, 13 November 2008

Mokuyoubi wonderful!

Ok y'all hows you guys out there in blogland, hmm.... no comment? well I'm going to assume the responsibility for your silence and fill your vulnerable minds full of my daily goings on :)

Today was long, sehr lange, mainly because of the morning traffic, Shocking daily commute trauma!! well it made me late by half an hour and therefor reduced my lunchtime accordingly!

well I would have only played games anyway, true I make games, but why? because I like games. Therefor in my spare time I play games, sounds fair??


Komban wa!

Komban wa

O genki desu ka?

Hai, genki dayo. Anata wa Nihongo ga hanase mass ka?

Hai, sukoshi, demo made jyouzu ja arimasen!

iie, Jyouzu dess!

Domo Arigato! Boku wa benkyo (CRASH) ....

wwwwwwwww daijobu? dai..yo...boku wa koronda!

lol well its a start and I did it all by myself honest!!

But that is besides the point, With only a small time to go many works to be done family visit to make and Last Remnant to buy, time is short and the work is long, which in a roundabout way brings me to my latest BOSS news, oh yeah there is more. I'm working on an idea to display the splendour of BOSS through a slick project Navi, hopefully I can use it in my presentation, however much like my day job, it's under wraps

Though I feel sort of sorry for you guys, all this reading!! ok howabout a pretty picture or 2,

its from my latest research fad, astronomy picture of the day. A pretty much vital site for anyone even remotely considering skies or space


Well fair is fair, enjoy... I got to get back to the forge before all the polys cool down and get brittle!

me ga tsukarata ~~~

Mokuyoubi Out!!

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