Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Hey blog and RPG fans especially, If you are not also waiting with baited breath and itchy joypad fingers for Last remnant then shame on you!

It looks sweet and it is guaranteed to lead to loss of sleep and much wootables, I am almost as excited by it as with Tales of Vesperia, from the amazing Tales series, I just wish I could get one console that would play all my favorite games, it would be so sweet to play ff12 then switch to Tales of Symphonia and after go for a little stint on Twilight Princess, Ocarina and then all the FF's and Vesperia washed down with snippets of Ico and the odd blast on Eternal sonata tempered with a heavy dose of space pirating with Jaster and pals in Rogue Galaxy, lets not also forget the honourable mention of Lost Odyssey and Oblivion!

but that's besides the point at the moment as a new star is added to the ever growing fantasy universe! My girlfriend is off to buy it tomorrow as I am busy in work all day, bless her she levels my characters without advancing the storyline she loots rare loot and collects every item in the surrounding area, I couldn't have a better girlfriend!! \(^-^) /

I'm just hoping that she doesn't realise what a hopeless Ota I am becoming!! as long as I keep my intention to buy a Yoko figurine in Akibhara when we go in a few weeks, That's right blog fans Moon is going Tokyo, so if you see a tall ginger Gaijin in Shinagawa between the 14th and 21st of December its me!!!! so be nice!

lol, any way enough of the random rambling and on to relevant games industry gossip, I was moved from my project today to do something more important! Woot, it means I am no longer working without concept which was a bit like flying with no map, in that you can go very far in a short amount of time but not always in the right direction plus as it has not been concepted the concept artists are bound to hate it!! well its only fair, its like self preservation, I mean no-one wants to think that they aren't a necessary part of the creative process!! soooo.. me and my team leader never showed them my unconcepted assets. it would put noses out of joint! plus like all things in the creative industries the deadline is always yesterday!!


In B.O.S.S news the framework of the truly emergent gaming experience its being laid out, including a player generated news service/propaganda machine which can be consumed like normal mass media, a sort of 24hr rolling news service which has so many emergent properties such as coded information, misdirection, propaganda and normal run of the mill hero worship and current events.

A story board is also now WIP which will show the progression of a mission and how everybody can interlink in a fun and useful way,

Other systems news includes the cementing of the divide between useless noobs and their pointless leetist flaming and real players with skill and intent. this is basically in the way that anyone can accept a mission but rewards are based on success as players don't tolerate failure in others at all!!!

So, sorry about the wordy post I hope that you could still find a little bit of interest but for now im off

Suiyoubi Out!!

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