Sunday, 14 December 2008

Moonlighting in the Land of the Rising Sun

weeeeeeeell blog readers and other unfortunate wanderers of the internet, a lot has gone on since last I posted, however do not think for one minute that the moon has gone fadedinto the misty internet mire,

NO! reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated! I am infact aliive and well and conversing with you from a secret location deep in Shinagawa, ah the sweet anonymity of the internet cafe!!

So now I am here, what have I learned,

well number one is that Air France sucks large gallic salty ones. let me explain before people try in vain to defend them, firstly they openened check in for my flight ten minutes late, not that bad you think to yourselves but this was at 5 for a flight that boarded at 6 and left at quarter to seven!! not only that but they were late to set off and then had the cheek to fly into Charles de Gaulle late, which meant epic queing and being delayed til past the time when the plane was meant to leave. upshot is moon is sans luggage and loose in Tokyo!! lol

number 2 is that every other European in Tokyo 2 is that every other European in Tokyo will give you a death stare as if to say back off its mine I found it and I dont want want your kind in my city!! its ok though I returned the dumb stare and well anyway he had nothing be proud about he was pretty damn ugly even if I do say so myself!!

Besides that I had a rather tasty shabu shabu and now am comfortably full and ready to retire for the night,

oh before i go I forgot to mention. I will chat to you guys tomorrow and have a good 13:57 in the afternoon whilst I enjoy a sleepy 22:57

well then must sleep off to Kabuki tomorrow.

Sunday Out!!

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