Monday, 5 January 2009

New years woes and woots

So everyone, happy holidays and much felicitations,

Whilst you were reclining in warm hand knitted sweaters drinking eggnog and listening to dear old QE2 some of use were nose to the poly face, with little or no thanks

put it this way when someone says that you have little experience making characters and NPCs laying heavy hints that you wont be able to shake the title of "Junior" and you think to yourself "but.. but please sir.. (tremble) you are the one who set me 3 months worth of building repeatable wall kit for natural environments with little or no concepting and required changing at whim due to someone more senior changing the style of rocks from the ones you based your work on.

Or being told that you should increase your speed whilst at the same time having concepts where the orthographic projections couldn't be reconciled in 3d and the concepts that do work are made from interlocking convex curves, well you get the picture, plus I had to move desks cos they got more QA in, lol after I brought back my beloved plastic crack from Tokyo, ah Kamina how noble you look on my desk,

so rants aside what else happened??

hmm kore wa nan dess ka??

oishi ne?

lol.. tasty goings on that's what has been happening, got a submission for a competition shown,

check that bad boy out!! lol maybe I should have sent instructions but then again that is missing half the fun of gaming!! I mean who actually reads the instruction manual anyway??


On a separate and entirely unrelated note I am plugging away at the old dissertation, sadly I am still in uni at 25 although sadder than that I have been since 18, lol naughty moon..

here is my abstract......

Dissertation Title: What makes a good RPG
Author: Matthew Buxton
Course: BA Games Art and Design year 2009
Option: A

This dissertation is an exploration of the Role Playing Game genre and what constitutes a good RPG. As with all genre definitions in media I fully acknowledge that there is a spectrum and I focus mainly on the most conventional examples of the genre, as the analysis of the most populated area of a genre always provides the key to understanding the appeal of that genre itself. I will touch on how success often includes innovation and how this is not directly in conflict with the idea of a self re-enforcing genre.

I will first define what I mean by a genre and then explore how computer games like other forms of entertainment have their own genres defined by their own conventions once I have fully explicated the rules and conventions that define my chosen genre I will examine how entertainment is generated in this genre and by this and how that the genre focuses these aspects becomes self re-enforcing.

I will then deconstruct and critically analyse the common components and conventions of the role-playing game including statistics based gameplay, fantasy storylines and delve into the actual game mechanics such as looting and grinding and show how different games approach these conventions.

After analysing these components of the RPG and the entertainment function they provide for the player I will using my predefined genre conventions and mechanics attempt to construct the perfect example of the genre as my conclusion of what makes a good RPG.

lol did you like it?? did you read it ?? Anyway whether you did or didn't I hope you at least consider the following.

Every triple A title that you play and discard as crap has had people like you trying to make it better and being told it is not possible,

are you prepared to join them?

Monday underscore OUT!!

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