Sunday, 18 January 2009

In space no-one can hear you Photoshop

Well I guess this is the last time I get to post before the big conflagration of doom that is the presentation season, lol well with that in mind here is some nice concept which I created as mood pieces for BOSS.

Kire dess ka??

This one is called Dragon Nebula and it is clearly based on the crab nebula which kindly posed for me,

As you can see I clearly enjoy drawing clouds but as a skill goes that is somewhat limiting, this piece took about an hour to make initially and plenty more to tweak

This one goes under the more generic title of Space and was the previous piece, personally looking at it now I think the stars are a little large, nevertheless I cheekily added Hazzard 65's concept as a place holder to show what a space scene will look like

And now as they say for something completely different and in my case worse! well I spent a couple of hours on these next pieces for the storyboard of how a mission takes place. this one represents a scout team's view of a reconnaissance target

Well I did have one more to put up but I felt it was truly hideous and didn't really gel with the other pieces. All the artwork in this post aside from the place holder ships is mine. i.e. I did the background, the ships are by Hazzard65. I was perhaps unintentionally a little misleading before by not stressing the origin of the other concepts I posted earlier they are all by Hazzard 65, a work colleague. apart from the very WIP combat suit,

Expect an Industry update next time as suffice to say a lot of change and excitement abounds at Jagex with the amazing departure of Iddison and the new commitment to a more relaxed arty atmosphere, well basically that was all the non confidential news pretty much covered, lolz. No seriously I will update at a more convenient time!.

Anyways with these gorgeous (ahem) images I shall bid you adieu

Sunday Out!!

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